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The main business scope is: design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, engineering design, technical consultation and training, new product development and development of production equipment such as food, dairy products, soybean deep processing, biopharmaceuticals, etc.

Mar 29,2024

Analysis on Cleaning of Dairy Production Equipment

Introduction With the continuous expansion of the dairy market, the importance of dairy production equipment has become increasingly prominent. The cleaning and maintenance of these equipment is essential to ensure product quality, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure production safety. This article will briefly analyze the cleaning process of dairy production equipment and its importance.

Mar 29,2024

Dairy production equipment supplier

Dairy production equipment is a vital factor in the modern dairy production process. A good equipment supplier can provide efficient, stable and safe equipment to ensure product quality and production capacity, thereby improving the competitiveness of enterprises. This article will introduce the importance of dairy production equipment suppliers, and how to choose a reliable supplier.

Mar 29,2024

Status Quo of Dairy Equipment Industry

With the continuous expansion of the global dairy market and the improvement of consumer demand for dairy quality and safety, the dairy equipment industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. At present, the dairy equipment industry is developing in the direction of automation, intelligence, environmental protection and multi-functionalization, constantly meeting the needs of dairy production enterprises. This paper will discuss the current situation of dairy equipment industry.

Jan 24,2024

Nehe City of Heilongjiang Province strives to promote the integrated development of soybean production and processing -- let high-quality beans "jump" on the table

Outside the ice and snow, the soybean processing plant is a busy scene in full swing. With a grain of soybean after selection, low temperature crushing, peeling and other process links, bursts of strong bean fragrance. Qiqihar Nehe City, Heilongjiang Province is located in the core area of the cold black soil of the Songnen Plain. The soil environment and climatic conditions are very suitable for the growth of soybeans. The city grows about 3 million mu of soybeans all year round. It is one of the main soybean producing areas in China and an important commercial grain production base in the country.

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